Walk 2 miles per day every day. Are you seeking low-impact exercise to help you get in shape, improve your health, and reduce body fat?

Walking 2 miles daily; some ask if walking two miles does anything. The answer is YES; walking two miles daily does more than burn calories.

Happy Walker
Walking is great for your physical and mental health.

The benefits of walking 2 miles daily have long been proven to be one of the best forms of physical activity, but do you know exactly how much walking it takes to benefit from it?

Join the Walk 2 Miles a Day Challenge!

Who doesn’t want better health and an incredible physique? Our 2 Miles A Day Challenge is designed to help you reach your goals in 30 days. Walking 2 miles a day results in a better you. You don’t need to walk for 2 hours walking a day. A regular walking routine of 2miles will do

If not, no worries! We will tell you everything there is to know about how to walk 2 miles a day.

Not only can this be an enjoyable outdoor experience, but we have nine great benefits explicitly designed for anyone wanting to improve their cardiovascular fitness, lose body fat, and much more.

So, put on some comfortable walking shoes and join us as we explore the many rewards of this simple daily walk.

Graphic on How Long Does it Take To Walk 2 Miles?
How long does it take to walk 2 miles?
It takes about 40 minutes for the average person to walk 2 miles.

How Long Does it Take to Walk 2 Miles?

It takes the average person between 35-45 minutes to walk 2 miles, depending on their walking speed and terrain.

Walking two miles is a great way to get some moderate exercise and help improve your overall fitness.

Whether you are walking or running, 2 miles length equals 2 miles.

If you start with walking as a form of exercise, it is best to start slowly and gradually increase the distance over time.

What Should My Walking Speed Be for a Brisk Walk?

An older couple is going on a walk. It takes about 40 minutes for the average person to walk 2 miles.
An older couple is going on a walk. It takes about 40 minutes for the average person to walk 2 miles.

The ideal walking speed depends on the individual’s pace and fitness level. A lower speed is generally recommended for beginners or those who are out of shape.

As you become more comfortable walking, gradually increasing your speed for maximum benefits is important.

A reasonable goal for an average adult would be to walk at around 3 miles per hour or 20 minutes per mile.

This rate allows for a good balance between exertion and comfort and provides health benefits without overexertion.

What is a Good Average Walking Pace for an Average Person?

A good average walking pace for the average person is around 3 miles per hour or 20 minutes per mile.

This allows you to benefit from your walks without overexerting yourself. Additionally, listening to your body and adjusting your pace as necessary is essential.

If you tire quickly and need more rest, reduce your speed until you can continue comfortably.

Nine Benefits of Walking 2 Miles Per Day?

Girl walking in the city.
City or Country. It is easy to get in a 2-mile walk.

Walking just 2 miles daily can be a game changer for your health, happiness, and overall well-being.

Not only does it keep your heart healthy and your weight in check, but it’s also an amazing stress reliever.

Walking is a chance to get outside, soak up some vitamin D, and connect with the world around you.

Plus, it’s a chance to de-stress and unwind after a long day. Walking solo or with a friend is a great way to get fresh air and clear your head.

So why not lace up those sneakers and take a stroll today? Your body (and mind) will thank you!

Improved heart health

Are you ready to improve your heart health? It’s time to start pumping up those cardiovascular workouts with your 2-mile walk. Walking has proven to strengthen and heal the heart.

Lower blood pressure

Your blood pressure might be lowering as we speak – not because of my writing skills (although they are pretty great), still, because of the cardio exercise steps you’re taking towards cardiovascular health. Walking and putting one foot in front of the other are the best ways to improve your heart health.

Walk 2 miles per day for heart health.
Walk 2 miles per day for heart health.

It doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow. Two miles is the same distance for a runner as walking. Moving your body over that distance has been shown to lower the instances of heart disease in adults.

Increased energy levels

Are you feeling sluggish and drained lately? It’s time to turn up the energy! Whether it’s getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, or exercising regularly, there are plenty of ways to boost your vitality.

Get our steps in early, and go for your two-mile walk early in the day. It takes a couple of weeks to gain fitness. But once you have it, you will be like the Energizer Bunny and be able to go all day.

Reduced stress

Along with the physical benefits, there are mental benefits as well. Stress can be a pesky little bugger that invades our lives at inconvenient times. But fear not, my friend. Your mental health is just a walk away.

Walk 2 miles per day for stress relieve.
Walk 2 miles per day for stress relief.

Walking is one of the best ways to get rid of feelings of stress. Burn off stress from taking a brisk walk. The faster pace will burn off all adrenaline from the stress that you might be holding on to.

Walking is also a great stress-prevention technique. Walking at a leisurely pace will help keep you calm before stress arises.

While walking at a slower pace, take a moment to practice deep breathing exercises or say a calming mantra.

This will make each mile of your two-mile an opportunity to calm your nervous system. Stress reduction is one of the many benefits of a walk.

Improved body posture

Wooden dummies show good posture.
Walk 2 miles per day for good posture.

Are you tired of feeling unsteady on your feet? Or maybe you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice that your shoulders are always rounded forward?

It’s time to focus on improving your body posture and balance!

Going for a walk will not only make you look more confident, but you’ll also feel more confident. Proper posture can alleviate chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Even if you have some physical limitations, most people can start walking and work up to the full two-mile distance. This will help your posture and overall health.

When you walk a long distance, consider activating your core abdominal muscles and glutes with every step.

Stand tall with your shoulders back and chest up. Each walk will positively impact your posture and physical health even while you are not walking.

Weight loss

Do you want to lose weight and shrink your waist? Losing weight can be a mentally and physically daunting task.

Get skinny from walking
Walking two miles per day helps with weight loss.

One of the best things about walking is that it burns calories, improves digestion, and makes you look good in your birthday suit.

Walking at an average time and pace, most people burn fat as their primary source of fuel.

Sticking to a regular walking schedule will help you maintain a healthy weight.

This doesn’t mean you can eat pie every day, but the more calories you burn from walking, the slimmer your waistline will be.

Strengthened muscles

Do you want a great butt and nice abs? You don’t need to worry about how many calories you burn on a treadmill in a gym. A healthy lifestyle of walking will give you strong muscles.

Walking uphill is just like strength training for your legs. It will give you a healthy body and great booty that most gym goers crave.

So, let’s grab your water bottle, put on your walking shoes, and hit the trails. Your skinny jeans are waiting for you.

Better sleep quality

Walking is a great way to improve your sleep. Regular walking has been shown to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and improve sleep quality.

It helps reduce stress levels and releases chemicals like serotonin, which helps you relax and prepare for sleep.

Walking outdoors also helps reset your body’s circadian rhythm, allowing you to get better rest at night.

Improved Balance

People walk for many reasons. As we age, improved balance is one of the most important reasons. The two-mile walk is the perfect distance to maintain your balance.

If you have poor balance, start your walk on a flat surface. As your balance improves, add a little dirt trail mixed in. The more you graduate from flat surfaces to uneven terrain, the more your balance will improve.

How To Preparing for Your 2 Miles Walk

Get ready to lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement—it’s time to prepare for your two-mile walk!

The great thing about walking is that it doesn’t require much gear. Whether you’re a seasoned walker or a newbie to the sport, it’s important to ensure you’re properly equipped.

Get the right shoes and clothes.

Ready to hit the gym but not sure what to wear? Don’t worry; getting the right shoes and clothes is key to a successful walk.

First, ensure your shoes fit properly and offer enough support for your chosen exercise.

You don’t need to be a runner to get shoes at a running store. Most local running stores will assess your stride and feet.

They will ensure you have proper shoes to keep your feet happy as you go the miles.

Next, get comfortable clothes. Comfortable clothes are a must for putting in your two miles. You want to be able to move and breathe while walking.

Loose-fitting clothes that wick moisture are the best.

Plan a Route

Are you ready for a walking adventure in the great outdoors? Let’s plan a route that will keep you motivated and energized! Let’s review several factors that you should consider as you pick your first route.

First, let’s think about what interests you – do you love nature, or are you drawn to the hustle and bustle of the city?

Next, picking a route that is easy to access, appealing, and excites you is essential for staying motivated as you adopt a daily routine. If you are starting, stick to a slower pace.

Thirdly, Pick a route that meets you at where your fitness level is at. Start slowly if you are new to an exercise program.

Walking on hilly terrain, walking uphill or downhill, isn’t necessary to start out, especially if you are new to fitness walking.

Tips on walking 2 miles a day

Walking two miles per day sounds great. Most people can understand what it takes to walk two miles in forty minutes.

Even if a picture of how long it takes, it can sometimes be hard to get started. Here are some tips for developing a two-mile walking routine.

Mark Your Calendar

Put our walk time on the calendar. Most people have more energy in the morning, so plan your walk early if this is you.

If you are a night owl, plan your walk in the evenings. #2milestoabetteryou

Have Realistic Expectations

If you are new to fitness or overcoming an injury, you likely have less energy than a fit and healthy person. Cut yourself some slack. You may be unable to cover the whole two miles when you start. That is okay.

Start with 15 minutes of exercise. Don’t worry about the distance you cover. You don’t need to walk fast, walk.

After you develop some endurance and 15 minutes is easy, go for a 20-minute walk each day. As you improve, keep adding up to 40 minutes. The next thing you know, you will be jogging 2 miles a day. It is a good way to start your day.

Once you reach the forty-minute mark, focus on walking faster to complete the two miles in forty minutes. Soon, it will be your normal speed to walk a 20-minute mile.

Does Walking 2 Miles Per Day Help You Lose Belly Fat?

How much weight and belly fat you can lose largely depends on your activity level, which walking will help, and your diet, stress levels, sleep, genetics, and more.

Walking has many health benefits; weight loss or losing belly fat is just one of the benefits of walking. You will have over 8 miles of walking time at the end of the week.

Walk 2 Miles and Keep a Log

Log in to your walks. This will allow you to be honest about your work and see the improvements you are making over time.

When you start, you might be walking a 30-minute mile, and the next thing you know, you are down to a 20-minute mile, then down to a 15-minute mile.

The next thing you know, you will be training for your first 5k. Don’t worry if you are not fast. Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise has many health benefits.

Follow a Training Plan

Training for an event with a specific distance and date is a great motivator to get out the door and train.

Hire a Coach

Recovering from an injury or in poor health. Hiring a certified personal trainer or coach (me)is a great way to get the support you need to ramp up slowly to your two miles per day.

Have a Walking Buddy to Walk Two Miles With You

I am a social butterfly. If you are like me, you love being around people. Exercising with a walking or hiking group is a great way to have accountability and sociability during the day.

There is nothing like a fun and exciting conversation that motivates you to walk faster. Vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise is a great way to get your heart pumping.

Joining a group is a great way to hang out with friends while improving your health.

Put on your headphones to Walk 2 Miles.

Listening to music, a book on tape, or podcasts while walking can help you get out the door.

Walk 2 Miles with Your Dog

Man’s best friend, your dog, will love you even more if they are part of your walking routine.

They will love you for it. They might even be so tired not to bark at the UPS drive when you do.

Best Dog Breeds for Walking 2 miles per day.

  • Labrador Retriever: These amiable and lively canines are energetic and thrive on activity. Additionally, they exhibit a commendable aptitude for training and demonstrate compatibility with children, rendering them a favored option for families.
  • Border Collie: Border Collies, known for their intelligence and athleticism, were initially bred for herding sheep. These remarkable dogs thrive on exercise and mental stimulation, making daily walks an excellent way to ensure their happiness and well-being. However, due to their high energy levels and need for consistent training, they may not be the ideal choice for first-time dog owners.
  • German Shorthaired Pointer: Renowned for their versatility, these dogs are characterized by their fondness for swimming, running, and jumping. They possess an inherent need for ample exercise while simultaneously exuding unwavering affection and companionship. I want one! 🙂 I am trying to talk my husband into a new addition to our family.


Is it okay to walk 2 miles every day?

Walking 2 miles daily is an excellent way to get in shape. It can only cause problems if you don’t have supportive walking shoes, are under excessive stress, and do not get enough sleep.

The health benefits far outweigh the risks, but always check with a healthcare professional before starting an exercise routine.


Before starting any fitness regimen like this, it’s always a good idea to consult healthcare professionals to ensure your safety.

Can I walk my dog 2 miles per day?

It depends on the dog’s breed, age, and health. Just like getting a full check-up before embarking on a fitness program is important, the same is true for your pet. Get your dog checked out from the vet to ensure your pet can train with you.

Can walking lower my high blood pressure?

Honor Health says exercise can lower blood pressure by reducing blood vessel stiffness. The health benefits of waking can lower your blood pressure.

How many steps are there in a mile?

There are approximately 5200 steps in a mile.

Can I walk regularly if I have a health condition?

Working with a medical professional is best if you have an underlying medical condition. Many doctors will perform a 6-minute walk test (6MWT). The test is a simple and practical assessment that measures a person’s walking distance in 6 minutes.

Walking with a health condition
A six-minute walking test for walking.

It is often used to evaluate the functional capacity and endurance of individuals with various health conditions, such as heart or lung disease patients.

During the test, the individual is instructed to walk as far as possible in 6 minutes, and their distance is recorded.

This test provides valuable information about the individual’s exercise tolerance and overall physical fitness, helping healthcare professionals monitor progress and make informed treatment decisions.

Can walking help with depression?

Walking can help with depression, anxiety, and stress. It’s a great way to unplug the world and connect with nature.

You can’t deny the mental health benefits of exercise. You don’t need a daily running habit or vigorous exercise each day to improve symptoms of depression.

It can boost your mood, help you make better decisions, and improve your overall health. So get out there and enjoy the journey!

Walking also provides an opportunity to reflect on life in general or ponder particular issues that are important to you.

In conclusion

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to walk 2 miles. The only competition is to become the best version of yourself.

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You certainly don’t need to worry about how fast anyone else is. During your walk, spend your time patting yourself on your back because you are doing something great for your health.

Regardless of the time, you will reap many benefits if you adopt a routine of walking two miles every day. The next thing you know, you will want to start running two miles daily.

Would you be ready for your next challenge? Check out the benefits of running.

Start by running 2 miles per day, then work up to your first half-marathon training program for beginners. Archive your goals by running less and running faster.

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  1. I am fat. I am 5:5″ and weigh 200 lbs. I have never weighed so much iny life. I started walking one mile/ day this week. I plan to lose my great big stomach and get my waist back. I don’t know how long it will take but I am disgusted with myself. I am going to a wedding June 23rd and it is February 23rd. Do I have a chance of losing 35 lbs by walking and eating a better diet?

    1. Hi Marsha,

      Thank you for commenting on the post. Since you are not an athlete I coach, I can’t comment specifically on your case. In general many people have lost a significant amount of weight by light exercise and following a ketogenic and/or carnivore way of eating. Other lifestyle changes can help as well, such as getting enough sleep and managing stress.

      Let us know how it goes!

  2. Thank You So Much Stephanie , You Are Amazing! I’ve been trying to do this, yet haven’t made it to 2 miles “per day”. I mostly use the treadmill at the gym so I can do an incline and I feel safer with headphones on at the gym, the music really helps. We just have to be super careful when using headphones outside & being super aware of your surroundings. I definitely love the benefits of being “outside” , so will try to do combo gym/outside if that still qualifies for the challenge :). I believe in this 100%. This is a wonderful post & hopes many to get onboard. Whenever & I mean ALWAYS when I ask an elderly healthy person, “what’s your secret”, their answer “2 Miles Per Day!”. I know of several folks whom would not be in the position they are today if they did, indeed, so this one thing. #2MilesPerDay. Thank You! Stephanie! Cheers to All , Cynthia

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