You may have heard about the benefits of keto-adaptation but realize you still need fuel for long or intense training sessions.

The ketogenic diet is beneficial for endurance performance because it triggers a metabolic switch that helps the body use its own fat stores more efficiently.

Hear is a list of the top three fuels for each category. Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates.

Top Fat Supplements for Keto-Adapted Athletes

In the Base Phase of training, it’s crucial to restrict carbohydrates to train the body to rely on fat as its main fuel source. Here, we present the top fat-based fuels for athletes adapted to a keto diet.


Top Amino Acid Supplements for Fat-Adapted Athletes

Amino acids play a crucial role in fueling your energy production. When your body shifts into ketosis, it switches from using carbohydrates to relying on fats as its primary energy source.

During this transition, incorporating amino acids can provide you with an instant and caffeine-free energy boost. This allows you to power through your workouts without compromising your keto-adaptation process.

SFuels Revival Recovery Drink
SFuels Revival Recovery Drink

Top Carbohydrate Supplements for Keto Adapted Athletes

Keto-adapted athletes often look to utilize strategic carbohydrates as a way to boost their performance. This strategy allows them to take advantage of the benefits of a lower carbohydrate diet while providing bursts of energy for key workouts in the Build Phase and for racing.


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