About Stephanie

Training and Racing – Life is GOOD!

How it all started…

Hi, My name is Stephanie Holbrook. I was driven to honor the memory of her late stepbrother, who died from cancer in 1987. This inspired me to join a charity marathon training program, Team In Training. Crossing the finish line I experienced a wave of emotion that made me want to do more of just that! Racing and Training became my life. 

This accomplishment inspired me to take on more enormous challenges, such as a full-on Ironman triathlon and ultra-marathons.  After experiencing injuries and exhaustion, I discovered she had overtraining syndrome, which caused her hormones to be non-existent. 

After much research, I found Dr. Phil Maffetone and his research on athletes who can be fit but unhealthy, and later, Paul Chek’s CHEK Institute. From their guidance, I was able to recover and become stronger than ever before.

Stephanie became a coach to help fellow athletes like me train smart and race fast with a balanced life of training, rest, recovery, and nutrition. 

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